Christian Artist 
Being a Christian artist is not very easy today. In the past the lines were clear cut. The music sounded different to what was around socially and the lyrics tended to be scripture. Nowadays the lines are much more blurred. I have often heard a pop song and wondered if it was meant to be christian, because I emphasised so much with the words and values they portrayed. The music styles have also become much more similar. There is also a second conflict.  The conflict between wanting to minister and share the Gospel and the need to provide for self and family in a financial way.
Now I’m not saying that this is bad. We want he world to hear the good news about the salvation Jesus brings. If we speak to them in a language they are familiar with, then they are more likely to listen to our song and connect in some way with the God we are speaking about. This isn’t always the case though. There is sometimes a danger that they are much more concerned with the rhythm and music and they fail to appreciate the gospel message it brings.
Sometimes all we can do is trust God will work his purpose out, whatever medium we use, because he will. We also need to believe he will provide for our needs and that if we are open to him he will stop us from becoming too engrossed with the finances.
So I am a Christian artist because I want to be used by him, even if it’s in a small way, to bring others closer to him. To give them hope and encouragement. To let them know he is there with them even through the hard days. To remind them and myself that there is joy in his presence. I do trust some of my Christian songs will do this for you and that you will be tolerant of my inadequacies. Like the old saying goes,  “Smile, because Jesus loves you” and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.
Stay blessed and in him forever.